Weed Control

Weed control tractor as used by PJ Cleaning Services, Sligo, Ireland
Weed control tractor on trailer  - as used by PJ Cleaning Services, Sligo, Ireland
P J Services offer a driveway weed and moss control service. Our service is also suitable for any hard landscape or for weed treatment prior to replanting an area of your garden. Herbicides are used to control grasses and weeds alongside a biocide used for moss, mould, fungi and algae control.

Moss and Algae

Algae and moss can take over areas or your drives, paths, slabs, decking and walkways making the services unsightly. They can also result in damage or create dangerous slippery surfaces.

Driveway Weed & Moss Treatment

Driveways look great for the first few years after laying but can gradually get colonised by a range of different mosses and weeds. Power washing alone can just spread the moss spores and weed seeds around your driveway so is inefficient for their control. A weed and moss control application by PJ Services will ensure that you get your driveway back to its original splendour. We are fully trained in the application of weed and moss control chemicals - see our qualifications and certification on the About Us page -and have the correct equipment to apply a highly effective safe herbicide to your driveway at a competitive price.

Our driveway weed and moss control service is efficient, affordable and highly effective. Contact us today.